Sunday, June 29, 2014

Starting my blogging journey!

Thank you to the amazing Megan, with A Bird In Hand Designs, for my wonderful blog design!! She is awesome, y'all! I thought I knew what I wanted, but she made it sooo much better than I could have ever imagined!  It is gorgeous, the colors are perfect, and I LOVE it! If you need a blog design, you must contact Megan. She is so talented, accommodating, and easy to work with. Thank you, Megan! 

Another thank you to my friend, Deneen, for coming up with my blog name! I spent over a year trying to think of a name (you know how hard it is to come up with something original?!?!) and she gave me one within two minutes of me asking her about it. Love ya, Deneen. 

Deneen's inspiration for Stacia's Scoop came from a bookmark I made for our kiddos. I'm hosting a weekly summer reading club at the library for all our friends, plus anyone that wants to join in. It is a chance for us to get together, visit with friends, check out books for the week, and talk about our reading. The kids are enjoying it and I'm excited to see their faces when they get new books! Anything to get the kiddos excited about reading, right!? I've made the bookmarks into a freebie for you to thank you for reading! Click here to get your free bookmarks!

 Bookmark Freebie

I am so excited to finally begin my own blogging journey!! I have been teacher blog stalking for YEARS, y'all! I've always wanted to start one, but never made the time. I've learned and grown so much thanks to amazing teachers all over the world sharing their knowledge, and I really wanted the opportunity to share my own experiences, ideas, thoughts, resources, and ramblings. 

I'm incredibly excited to kick off my blogging journey with you! I've got a bunch of freebies in the works, plus a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card giveaway coming soon! 

Thanks for stopping by to get the scoop!

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