Sunday, August 3, 2014

Binder Organization

Y'all, I am sooo excited about my binder organization! If you have been reading my blog, you know I have been working all summer on purging and organizing my house. I've also been working on my teaching materials and files! I am moving everything to binders! I FINALLY finished up my binder covers and they look beautiful!! This is the year I tame the paper piles!!! I can seriously feel the paper clutter disappearing as I type! I stocked up on binders and page protectors at Costco, I've made my adorable, matching, and color coded covers and spines, and I'm ready to get down to business!
Aren't they beautiful?!?! I started out thinking I would make one binder for each month, plus one binder for each nine weeks. However, I kept thinking of more and more to add, so it grew to over 70+ pages!

I know that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and think of some I forgot! I spend WEEKS working on these and I am so proud of them! I finished them up just in time for TpT's Back to School Sale! Binder Covers, Inserts, & Spines Organization in Turquoise Dots. They are my VERY FIRST paid TpT product! It doesn't even matter if no one ever buys them, because they make me so happy! Is it normal to be this giddy? I swear I haven't been drinking margaritas! You can scoop them up for 28% off with promo code: BTS14. Don't forget to enter the promo code at checkout, not that I would know that from past experience...
I'm off to narrow down my 500+ wish list for the sale! I will report back later with what I scooped up. It is going to contain a ton of Melonheadz, A Year of Many Firsts, Reagan Tunstall, and Marsha McGuire! What product are you most excited about? I can't wait to see what everyone gets! 

Thanks for stopping by to get the scoop!

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