Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Day Teacher Survival Kit and a Freebie!

How is everyone adjusting to getting back into the swing of things? Our teachers went back to work this week (officially) and have been working around the clock. It isn't easy to go from lazy days to waking up before 6! I've been dragging this week and next week is going to be even worse! 

We had schedule pickup at the intermediate school for my oldest two kids on Tuesday and Meet the Teacher at the elementary school for my youngest two on Thursday and Friday. Between those two events, my oldest broke her toe, my son needs braces, and my Nana found out she is having heart surgery next week! Perfect timing, right?!?! UGH, so you see why I missed Five for Friday, but I digress. 

My first grader's teacher is new to our school and I wanted to make her feel welcome, so I made her this First Day Teacher Survival Kit! I always give a small gift at Meet the Teacher, because I love spoiling our teachers! She seems wonderful and we are excited to have her!  
I actually had almost all of these materials on hand, because I am a school supply hoarder always prepared, so it was really easy to put together! At first, I started with only a few items that I was going to put in a mason jar with a ribbon around it, but then I started pulling out all sorts of stuff for her out of my supply stash. A plastic shoe box bin ended up being the perfect size and a teacher always needs more bins! I would have used a bin to match her classroom, but at the time I didn't know what her theme was, so I went with a clear box with white lid. 
See that circle tag, it says "We are looking forward to a bright year!". I made that tag first, to go on the mason jar. I made this Survival Kit card after I compiled all the items I wanted to include.  I'm sooo happy with how my First Day Teacher Survival Kit card turned out. I made it into a freebie for you! I know that everyone will have different items in the kit, so I included blank editable pages so you can add your own text. These kits make great presents for new teachers, student teachers, substitute teachers, and team gifts!
Go scoop up your free copy!  I appreciate your feedback!

Here is my sweet girl in her new classroom with some of our favorite back to school books! Her teacher loved her gift! I love how organized her room is!! I just know it is going to be a great year!  
P.S. she has an owl theme, so you know I'll have some owl themed freebies coming soon! 

Good luck to everyone starting on Monday! Remember, nothing matters more than building relationships with your students!


  1. I love your freebie! That's such a thoughtful gift. Your daughter and mine have almost identical dresses. My daughter's has different colors, but the design is very similar. She wants to wear it on the first day of first grade!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Jan,
    Thank you! Sounds like it would be the perfect first day dress! My daughter loves her "twirly" dresses and wants to wear them every day. Have a great school year!

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