Saturday, August 16, 2014

Five for Friday August 15th

It's a Five for Friday post...on a Saturday! Don't judge, it is my last week not knowing what day of the week it is! Next week it is back to reality. I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs, better late than never! 
My kids are home and it is our last week before the craziness starts! We have all be working on adjusting back to our normal routine. We ran errands, went to the library, play dates at Bouncing Bears, back to school shopping, and went on a day trip. I don't have any good pictures to share. Honestly, we were too busy having fun! The only downside to my week, I had to give up my Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and actually start cooking again. It has been torture I tell ya, but they are worth it! 
I linked up with Falling Into First for the Meet the Teacher Blogger Linky! It was perfect timing, because I need to finish my "About Me" section on my blog. It was fun reading about everyone and getting to know other bloggers!
We went to the Blue Bell ice cream factory. Blue Bell is one of the best things about Texas, along with Shipley's Donuts! If you have never tried it, you are missing out! I have been meaning to take the kids there for several years and we finally got around to it. I was surprised at how easy of drive it was; we probably would have gone a lot sooner had I known that. We had a lot of fun touring the facility and the free ice cream was a hit! You can see how my son LOVES posing for pictures! He is at that age, too cool for everything.   
My son had a tooth pulled at the dentist. He said he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy. He had the nerve to say that I was the tooth fairy! Can you believe that? Like I have wings and money to spare. Silly boy. I made him put his tooth under his pillow anyway, but the tooth fairy hasn't come yet. I told him it must be because he said doesn't believe! You don't believe, you don't get presents! Boom Mr. Skeptical. Remember that before Christmas, or Santa will bring you underwear in your stocking.
My kids are growing up. :-( 
I finished my First Day of School sign for student pictures! A little late, but hopefully someone can use them! I added signs for my first day, 100th day, and last day of this school year. I also added three color options, turquoise, red, and lime green.
You can get your free copy here. I would appreciate your feedback!
I will put the sign in a frame for students to hold while I take their picture. Actually, it is a perfect job for a parent volunteer. ;-) I LOVE student pictures throughout the year; it is amazing to see how much they grow! These are a perfect addition to your scrapbook and/or make a great parent gift!
That is about it for me; it has been a pretty slow week. Just spending time with my kiddos before the school year starts and things get CRAZY!!! They were gone most of the summer, so I am trying to squeeze in what little time I can. I have a TON of TpT projects that I still haven't finished, but my kids come first.

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  1. I love the son's posing! Made me laugh. He really is not enjoying you snapping his picture. Enjoy those babies as long as you can! Mine are both adults now! I'd love to go back in time and have them small again.
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. I love the idea of a parent volunteer handling this... I always want to do something like this but it's such a busy/stressful time! Your signs are adorable! Thanks for sharing.
    One Lucky Teacher