Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turquoise Jackpot!

Oh my goodness, y'all, this has been the summer of turquoise!!! It is normally sooo hard to find anything in my colors, but I scored BIG this summer!! I didn't realize how much I had until I started sorting through it today. If you have a blue & green classroom or use Dots on Turquoise also, you will love my finds! 
Look how pretty!!! Five drawer cart, $25 at Big Lots! You already saw this if you follow me on Instagram. I bought two. I would have bought more, but Susan from Caterpillar Wings kept me in check! I'm trying to decide if I will use them for M-F bins, subject bins,Word Work, manipulatives, or something else. So many possibilities!!
Holy Guacamole, can you believe I found a turquoise chair?! Jillian approved! It was on sale for $40 at Office Depot, plus I had a rewards check, so I paid even less. Ignore my crappy photos, they are taken with my phone. I told myself if I keep up with blogging, I will gift myself with a fancy camera on my one year blogiversary! I'm sure I will look back and cringe at my photos. ;-) The color looks bad in the photo, but it is beautiful and perfect! This is for my guided reading table. 
Turquoise poly folders from Office Max (I bought a class set and three extras), I don't remember how much they were, under $1 each, I had store credit so I didn't pay anything! whoop whoop. These are going to be my writing folders. Turquoise plastic pouches, 47 cents at Walmart. These are going into my daily folders to hold notes, transportation changes, money, etc from home. I like that the parents can zip them up, so we don't have to worry about anything important falling out or getting lost in backpacks!!
Seat cushions for library area, on clearance at Target. I would have bought more, but they only had two left. 
Large towel so I can sit in style when we go outside for class picnics and outdoor activities, on clearance for around $5 at Kohl's. 
Classroom stool, $7.99 at Ikea! 
Turquoise bins from the Dollar store!! I bought out two stores for my library. However, I was rear ended after one shopping trip, and all of my baskets from that store were cracked in the accident!! I wish I hadn't put them in the trunk. So sad! I went back to get more, but they haven't restocked yet. 
Turquoise pocket chart $7, 50% off at Mardel during their one day education sale! I think I'm going to hang this on one side of the filing cabinet and use it for all those misc. school papers that accumulate. I bought two, so I could use it for student work, but I don't think I will have the room to hang two. 
And of course, the small pocket charts from the Target Dollar Spot! I bought a bunch, rotations, vocabulary, sights words of the week, spelling words, stations, so many uses! 

I get giddy when I find something awesome in just the right shade!! It is like Christmas morning! I know, I'm crazy and OCD when it comes to matching and coordinating everything!

If this is your color too, you might be interested in my binder covers, they are on sale until Sunday!
 I'm working on adding even more covers to the set!
I also have some freebies that match!
Scoop up your free welcome back postcards
Scoop up your free line up posters! Lots of different color and line up chant options to choose from!

I'm working on finishing my turquoise classroom decor! It might get done one day! hahaha

I am seriously in love with my color scheme! It is beautiful, calming, and peaceful! The colors make me so happy!