Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - July 16th

I'm linking up with Christina with Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday! Unfortunately, I don't have any fun pictures from Vegas to share! I have wanted to go to I Teach 1st for a few years now, maybe next year will be my year!!! 

I'm so happy my baby is back home; how cute is she?! We have been having fun alone time together this week! I got lucky and found a turquoise chair on sale at Office Depot (adorable model not included, b/c she costs way more than $40)!! This is going to look great at my small group table! I found turquoise baskets at Dollar General, but they only had a couple. Target also has some teal items, but the shade is too dark to match my stuff. Dots on Turquoise is my color scheme and I scoop up everything turquoise and lime green when I see it on sale! 

What is your theme and/or color scheme going to be this year? 


  1. My Kinder classroom has a primary color theme - blue, red, green and yellow. Mainly blue cause it's my favorite color! I love the turquoise chair and how your sweet girl is representing your color theme!

  2. Love that chair!! I'm using the colors of my blog for my theme this year. :) thanks for linking up!